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Full Version: How to configure Lam plugin
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Can you help me isntalling this plugin for jpcsp-windows-x86, I don't understand hind :cry: , i really don't understand where the button is 'note'/'sound' :?,


Does this configuration work
[Image: asff-1.png]

Before used 3dvia, its woked very well, but it have some problem texture
[Image: SP_A0483.jpg]
That is the note button(photo from my psp,who wants more?XD)

Don't know if it works on jpcsp though
well, the plugin'll only work on a real psp (as long as it uses the note button it won't be compatible with an e1000 though since they removed that button from it). jpcsp doesn't have seplugins support as far as i know.

you can configure the note block in jpcsp though, it's in the controls config. has N by default.
Based on the idea from drakon with its Lamb plugin, I've started working on a new Jpcsp function allowing to save the current 3D scene in wavefront obj/mtl files. I plan to also include texture information.
This function will be "native" in Jpcsp and will require no plugin.
just try use 3D Ripper DX
i think it will work
it won't, java doesn't use directx 9.0.
(06-10-2012, 01:30 AM)serio Wrote: [ -> ]it won't, java doesn't use directx 9.0.

you said java doest use dirx 9.0.
what does it use?
just java 6 or 7?
and what is java virtual machine?
jpcsp uses lwjgl (OpenGL) for java so its cross platform. (windows, mac. linux) and from what I understand it more closely matches the way psp graphics are programmed.

directx is windows only.