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Full Version: run project diva 2nd with my spec. is it worthfit?
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(This is the second post for me. So once again hello to you all)

With my spec and my setting, i can run patapon and patapon 2 with almost no negative impact of my performance but with control command delay (estimated around 1/4 sec delay). but it seems like i cannot run project diva 2nd with full performance. The game suddenly freeze for about 1/4 second and repeat when in heavy graphic and the fps is around 17-25 when its happened but the gameplay is not delayed. its like the sound and the display is not sync when this freeze happened. The control is sometimes delayed and not respond immediately like in psp.

For my JPCSP setting, on video tag, I select Use vertex cache, use shaders, disable ubo, enable saving ge screen to texture instead of memory and enable dynamic shader generation. On memory tab, i select ignore invalid memory access. and for the media tab, i select use media engine and extract media files to tmp folder.
For my pc spec, Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit service pack 1, AMD Sempron 140 2.94 GHz overclocked, ATI Radeon HD 4350 Overclock to possible max clock, RAm 2gb. also, i play JPCSP with xbox 360 wired controller so it transmit Xinput

Do you think the setting is incorrect or is my spec is too weak?
If my setting is not correct, what should i apply?
If my spec is weak, later on (or in future), i will upgrade my cpu to AMD Athlon II X2 260 or 275 or higher (im still in budget)