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Full Version: My PC runs?
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Hello, I wonder if my PC runs some version of JPCSP. If running, which version is and how I set it up?

My Settings:
.- AMD Athlon (Dual Core Process 4050 and 2.10 GHz)
.- 4.00 GB RAM
.- ATI Radeon 4650 1GB DDR3
.- Windows 7 64-bit

Even more ;D
yes, you can run your PC with latest Jpcsp.
for setting each game you can look in this thread

or you must try/test it yourself if it can be play.
don't forget install SonicStage 4.3 & JRE(Java Runtime Environment).

download here latest version
Thank you friend, I am doing what you said here to see if it runs right! Another doubt. Why when I'm playing, the video plays at 75 fps and game time it runs at 12 FPS?

That is, even more!