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Full Version: http://buildbot.orphis.net/jpcsp/ (cannot be open)
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anyone know what happen???
yeah buildbots been down since at least 1 am mountain time. still is down and web page can't be viewed or gotten to. i'm guessing maintenance or something is going on but can't be entirely sure.

(04-27-2011, 03:57 PM)kema06 Wrote: [ -> ]anyone know what happen???
Not resolve server name in my case ISP Telefonica spain.
problem loading page for me server is taking too long to respond aka website times out. its been like that since 1am. Hey mods if you are checking in on this issue could you let us know what is going on with the buildbot.orphis.net website? i've clear out my internet history the works and it still doing the same thing.
It's now back online !
Hay i was wondering if you guys are still working on the jpcsp emulator still
last commit was 24hours ago, so I would say so.

build bot is working fine also.
sorry to hijack but.... when I'm updating to the latest build what files do i carry over from older build to keep my settings and stuff?

if you dumped your fonts, flash0 folder too since the ones in the emulator are incomplete and break some games.

should've made your own topic for this instead of hijacking with a hardly related question though.