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Full Version: Can't play the game as it's in wrong format!
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Somebody help me! I downloaded this game but it's compressed into a winzip file( extension is .ISO) but jpcsp can't play it as it says that the game's format is not supported. I extracted it but there's no iso file in it. What did I do wrong? Did I download games not supported by the jpcsp?
Downloaded games are not supported by devloppers because it's piracy and nobody here like this kind of thing ...
Then anything I can use for jpcsp and is not pirated?
yes, you can buy a psp and games for it and look up a tutorial on how to transfer the iso to your PC
Then I might as well play the games on the psp... -_-
(02-28-2011, 10:54 AM)danielzboy Wrote: [ -> ]Then I might as well play the games on the psp... -_-

Do that and get out of here!
Apparently this guy believes Emulators are there to substitute the purchase of game systems... They're really here to help improve the life of the systems, and for some improve the quality of the games Smile
Sry, I never really knew that -_-lll
But I'm wondering, Emulators were created to revive old game consoles right? Like NES or SNES and stuff like that... So, what about the psp? it isn't that old is it? Or am I wrong about Emulators again?
For the emulators' developers, it's a fun coding challenge and a way to learn more about the system they're emulating as well as sharpen their coding skills. Well, I assume it must be somewhat fun for them because why else would they go through all that hard work of coding emulators without getting paid for it? Smile

As for the emulators' end-users, some of them use the emulators for the nostalgia certainly, others are just curious, and some others just want to play games they've never owned either because they're poor, cheapskates, or can't get those games or systems where they live. I believe most use them for the lulz though. Smile There's just something satisfying about successfully running a game on another system it was never designed to run on especially if it can run better through enhancements in the emulator.
Oh... So that's what an emulator's about huh? But, downloading ROMs or ripping original games to get the ROM(I don't really get all the UMD ripping stuff :p)is illegal isn't it? Then what can you play, since neither the downloaded nor the ripped ROMs are legal?
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