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Full Version: PCSP hang on startup
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Could anyone help me on this? i can't start pcsp. The screen is just blank and transparent.. the window commands are still clickable as could be seen on the picture. I already tried reinstalling Tried reinstalling C++ redist and dotnetfx 3.5. Installed latest directx.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


My PC:
running XP pro
athlon x2 250
2gb ram
1gb 9500gt

[Image: hanga.jpg]
you're using windows XP so you have this kind of "transparency" which is normal because no open gl is rendering until you launch an iso game. Sure, this is weird but perfectly normal. On this forum, there is a small list of playable games, you need one of them to launch a playable game.

PCSP is not JPCSP and so it may take a long time to get a higher game compatibility.
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