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Full Version: Few Questions about compatability
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Hey there, I've just tried out the pspemulator and so far most of the games my bro dumped for me don't seem to work, I've tried Sonic Rivals 2 and I've tried Crash Tag Team Racing, but they don't seem to work cause it locks up on me all the time??? Also I know that you are still building this emulator, but when will it be able to run most commercial games, the two games that i really want to play on my computer are Sonic Rivals 2 and Innocent Life, and JPCSP kinda stinks at the moment with some compatibility issues. So please help me out here, oh and this isn't a spam.
Not yet, the emu is still very new and it has a lot of bugs that must be fixed.
The emulator is not yet capable of running Iso games,that's what soywiz said,it only works on few hombrews.
That stinks, oh well can't wait till it can run iso's Big Grin thanks for the help guys Smile
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