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Full Version: can i run the emulator
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can i run the emulator
p4 3ghz win7
1 gb ram
256 radeon 9250(i doubt it and the sheder model not versio n 2 but lower)

i have tried the emu but cant work after click the game(ultraman)
the emu doing nothing
and the command prompt like this
[Image: heng.png]
helpp meee
some body helpppp meeeeee
press run Tongue
waghhhhhhhhh still cant runConfusedwt:
sorry to dissapoint you griend but i dont think you can run the emulator

Jpcsp requeries pixel shader 4.0

you only have 1.4

Note : sorry if i spellchecked
hi i new come
i got 1 quest why me jpcsp all psp game can't play all show this
ERROR hle - Unmapped import @ 0x08900184 - 00000001 09fbf8ef 08b6b9ec
go to configuration>memory>ignore unmapped imports.