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Full Version: Does JPCSP even work?
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Downloaded the emulator (JPCSP v6 2168 don't know if that is the must up today version) and well I got a copy of dissidia which for some reason seems to be another game, just like Crisis Core that basically has problems just plain working. I attempted to load the game. Nothing happens. Black screen. Sooo I went to follow the decryption method, and thus did follow it to the letter. still not working. Does the game just not work at all? Or does the emulator just not work? I'm confused because well basically I don't know lol I see videos on youtube where it's working fine and dandy but the thing WILL not work for me. Like the little "cube.iso" file works fine, so can anyone help me out here? Is there like any special files I need to have to get this to work at all? Like back in the day you needed bios and plugins etc. Thanks much
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