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Full Version: big no piracy sign during registering.
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i was wondering if maybe adding a big, flashing, attention grabbing sign saying "discussing, requesting or providing illegal game backups (roms, isos etc) is against the rules, and any user caught doing it will be banned" to the registration page would stop at least some of the pirates that come to jpcsp's forum and go "gib mi romz/isoz plz huehuehuah"

would it be possible to add that to the registration page?
The best idea,I was considering to say something like that but it seems that you have beaten meTongue
Please admins,do this,please
i will look at if it's possible Big Grin
Thank you
It doesn't stop it in other sites so I doubt we'll get lucky in it stopping it here.
We can try,not all the users are pirates
we are planning to move to vbulletin suite soon or later , we just need to make some savings for buying it Tongue
Well then take the time you need
wouldn't smf be better? it has all the good features too, but it's free and open source.