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Full Version: Speed differences between 32-bit and 64-bit?
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I know with emulators like the Dolphin gamecube/wii emu the 64 bit version runs a billion times faster than its 32 bit brother. as the devs codes it to take advantage or 64 bit hardware.
My question is, is this the case with this PSP emu? or is the 64 bit version simply a "download this version to work on 64 bit os" thing. or is there a difference?
If there is no diff besides OS choice, than is it possible to do like the Dolphin devs and take advantage of 64 bit hardware to gain speed?
Also, i was using latest ImToo video converter and it now has a feat that if you have an Nvidia "Cuda" capable GFX card, it can speed up the conversion process. is it possible in future releases to take advantage of this same thing? allowing the extra power of a GPU take the heat off the CPU's shoulders or something along those lines?

Im mainly interested in the 64 bit Q.

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64bit could help, but the media decoder we use (Xuggle) doesn't have any Windows 64bit version. So you may experience a speedup but have no movie or music in your games.
Though, thanks to the migration to LWJGL, we were able to ditch the Java sound code and use OpenAL which should help as no sound were working before.
So its safe to say that the version we have now, which im using 64 bit, if i disable sound feats it should gain speed right?
Mr Obvious: If you disable anything you'll gain speed.