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Full Version: BigPEmu interview and wishes
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Hello emulation fans and happy new year!
2022 has been a busy year emulation-wise.
Hopefully we'll have even more awesome emulation news this year and the team here at EmuNewz.net will be here to cover it.

We added many bots to monitor over 20 different emulator projects and the number will climb even higher in the new year.
There's also the builds page where an overview of the latest build/release can be viewed for all monitored emulators.
We used to build the binaries ourselves a few years back but now that github has taken over this job we repurposed that structure to just get you a link to the binaries.
Please drop by our Discord channel over here: https://discord.gg/rPaR5Xns and let us know your thoughts for EmuNews.net but also for the emulation scene in general.

Last but not least, what better way to celebrate the new year with a new interview for a very recent and very big emulation success story for the Atari Jaguar.
It's been a while since our last interview, but hopefully we will get more devs to share their thoughts in the near future.

An interview with Rich Whitehouse, the author of BigPEmu can be found here: