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Full Version: BigPEmu
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[Image: BigPEmu.png]

BigPEmu is the first Atari Jaguar emulator to feature compatibility with the entire retail cartridge library, along with excellent performance and a wide variety of unique features.

Not many consoles released before the 2000s are still without a very good emulator. But there are still a few. Would it not be cool to completely knock one out of that list? Yes it totally would and this is exactly what Rich Whitehouse thought apparently. This is BigPEmu, an awesome emulator that came recently in our lives to place one more missing piece on the puzzle of video gaming preservation project - the Atari Jaguar.

Please have a read of the interview with the developer of this awesome emulator right here in Emunewz.net!
Interview with Rich Whitehouse, the author of BigPEmu

BigPEmu official webpage