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[Image: jpcsp.jpg]

Is Java a fast enough language to write an emulator? The answer to that question in one word is JPCSP!
It was a hot summer day in an undisclosed location in Greece where our beloved legendary emu author shadow, one of the founder coders of PCSX2 thought to himself:
"How about we emulate the PSP today? While we are at it, let's see if it can be done in Java! That might get interesting!"
The rest is history.
JPCSP was leading (and still is actually) the RND for PSP emulation and its passionate developers made progress in key aspects of this system's emulation which helped other emulators as well.

It's fast, it's sexy, it runs on many platforms and most importantly it's the first emulator I actually committed some tiny improvements for Tongue

JPCSP Official site
JPCSP Official Github page
JPCSP Official forum