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Full Version: PCSP start issue
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Hey. I recently downloaded PCSP, but whenever I start, the scream is whatever it was before I opened it... It's hard to explain, so I took a photo of it

that appears to be a bug with QT and vista. It doesn't refresh the screen. It doesn't affect the emulator. You can still load and run games (the ones that supported of course
Only Windows XP and maybe Vista have this refresh issue which only happens when OpenGL windows is not refreshed (that occurs when you haven't launched a game yet).
This problem on vista/Windows7 is success if disable Aero
If Aero enabled this problem transparency is not present
anyway that problem is solved in pcsp v1.0.0 . Now all you have to do is wait for it to get released Big Grin
well on Windows XP i noticed a bad refreshing (flickering?) when a modal window (game selector, etc.) is displayed on top of the psp screen. Whereas on win7 it is perfect. But at least you can move the modal window to avoid this another issue.
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