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Full Version: Request for rpg games
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If you take a look at the playable there are almost no good rpgs to play.
Tales of grace/vesperia/xillia/xillia 2/berseria
Star Ocean 4-5
These are some big examples of some of the best tier rpg games out there and there all like this ( http://prntscr.com/kea9vl )

Blank spaces unplayable but yet there are so many playable games in the list more than the ingame now my wonder is why no one has spent time to finish the best rpgs while a lot of lesser games are finished.

As such im requesting some of the bigger rpg titles be finished from browsing through the list I didn't find any although I may be wrong about some I know the biggest ones aren't playable why I do not know.

Would appreciate other names of good rpgs just to keep an eye on to be playable in the future but i'm really wanting the big ones like so many out there.
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