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Full Version: Armored Core: For Answer [BLUS30187]
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GeForce GTX 750

Running smoothly on recompilers with aditional settings turned on. Surprisingly stable up to the point of the tutorial, there are no slowdowns, but the game does not understand the concept of "floor" and the AC sinks to the abyss below, ending the tutorial before it begins.

Added a screenshot, but I can't add logs because, even compressed, the file is too large.
Missing log, divide it by parts and upload or upload elsewhere, MEGA, MediaFire, Dropbox, GDrive..
Moving to General Discussion
^ Link to the logs.
Hope it helps!
Moving to intro as you can't begin to really control anything ingame.

BTW, try precise interpreters and see if it improves.
Quote:BTW, try precise interpreters and see if it improves.
Nope. Same results on any PPU settings.