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Full Version: PRXdecrypter 2.7a
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This homebrew application was tested with revision 5b6966e. Not every function from this homebrew seems to work with the emulator. Only "Analyze files" (2nd Screenshot) and "Signcheck files" (4th Screenshot) work without any issues. When I place a DATA.PSP file in the "enc" folder and select "Decrypt/decompress files", the application attempts to modify the file and acts as if the task was completed, but the file size remains the same and the header is corrupted (3rd Screenshot). Due to the size of the log (38,688 KB) while the application was attempting to decrypt and decompress the file, I needed to upload the log to a file storage website.

Log Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4uyd4koaa4...ion%29.zip

Note: The screenshot button (mapped to F5) on JPCSP does not work while this homebrew application is loaded. When the emulator does actually produce a screenshot, the screenshot is just a black screen. This bug seems to be common with certain homebrew applications such as iso_tool, PSARDumper & Resurssiklunssi.
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