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Full Version: Bayonetta [BLES00599]
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RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-2845617 Alpha
Blue screen only after loading a new game.
Just play the pc version.
Ps3 version won't be as good as pc.
Jhon1234, please, remember one very simple thing: saying something about PC version in the emulator community is bad manners. Everyone here tests PS3 games, for getting an information for further emulator development. And nobody needs useless answers related with PC versions.
You're lucky that you're said this here, because I know websites with admins that can ban you for this saying, without explanation. Just believe, they've really tired of that people who says them "This game has PC version, you don't have to test it, test exclusive games!" or smth like this. And hope for mercy from moderators because unlike me, they can be a little less polite.