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Full Version: Jpcsp.org hacked?
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Hey I detected the download section has the photo

[Image: jXd2bj.png]


Should be fixed soon by jcpsp team.
hmm sql injection as it seems . Anyway i cleaned it up and pointed downloads to emunewz since the files there were more than 3 years old Big Grin
It seems the http://www.jpcsp.org site is infected with Malware:

Please notify the author he needs to clean his site.
weird i cleaned it let's see if it appears again . Thanks!
(06-29-2017, 08:13 AM)shadow Wrote: [ -> ]weird i cleaned it let's see if it appears again . Thanks!

Great, thanks. Let's hope it won't.
Google is blocking access to the site currently, so it seems the official site is insecure.

Thought jpcsp was basically dead until I still found some builds being released here.