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Full Version: CPU Usage?
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Question. Why does JPCSP use so much CPU? My CPU temp goes up to near 60c from it's idle temp of 45c. Most games I play usually is around 52c-55c.
Just use linpack, and see temp over 70c Smile
JPCSP can utilise ~30% cpu power of phenom x4 965 (3.8ghz) (no cores loaded over 70%). .. but it have really slow video engine.
linpack is a package for linear algebra, used in rather heavy number crunching. The comment isn't terribly helpful. As for jpcsp's CPU usage, it's running a dynamic recompiler within a dynamic recompiler, emulating a foreign machine, and some of the code simply is inefficient. A more precise answer would require intimate knowledge of its workings or profiling.

In short, because emulating the PSP is less efficient CPU usage than running native games.