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Full Version: Chaos;Head Noah [BLJM60542]
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Black FPS

Goes ingame now but freezes during game.
Tested on https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/commit/bd...18796aeb6a

Menus are glitchy and went for a while and no crash/freeze by now, will keep playing to see if it does anything. Posting examples on pics.

Log Here

Suggestion to move as Playable.
Please compress your logs when uploading, uploading uncompressed logs is wasting bandwidth.
Moving to Playable since it's a working Visual Novel that should be Playable.
No one checked if it saves though.
Seems like it does on that screenshot, can anyone check though?
Is this really playable?

I'm getting severe graphical errors with debilitating flickering. All menus are glitchy as said. Video sequences are all black with audio. At certain points the picture starts flickering between normal and upside-down repeatedly, though the text field generally remains as it should. With OpenGL, OBS records it as upside down.

One example is early during the intro after just having booted the game, at the image when the character is lying on the ground. Another is after the intro when looking at the monitor (at the text エンスーっていうのは、僕がライフワークにしているMMORPGの略称).

It resets to normal after a while but returns eventually. Settings are LLVM, ASMJIT, Vulkan, and Invalidate cache.
Okay, so it's not playable.
Moved to Ingame until further confirmation
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