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Full Version: Clannad [BLJM60329]
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Black screen fps.
Did you decrypt /PS3_GAME/USRDIR/data/bgm.psarc.sdat?
Npdtool doesn't work for me.
Tested on https://ci.appveyor.com/project/rpcs3/rp...0.0.1-3838

Needs font files to be placed on dev_flash/data/font

Tested on PPU (fast) and SPU (fast)
Audio: XAudio2

- libac3dec.prx
- libadec.prx
- libatrac3multi.prx
- libatrac3plus.prx
- libatxdec.prx
- libfont.prx
- libfontFT.prx
- libfreetype.prx
- libfreetypeTT.prx
- libl10n.prx
- libresc.prx
- librtc.prx
- libspurs_jq.prx
- libsre.prx

Needs decryption of the 5 sdat files inside.

Crashes on a white screen with an access violation. Stacktrace:
rpcs3.exe!rsx::pad_texture<unsigned int>(void * input_pixels, void * output_pixels, unsigned short input_width, unsigned short input_height, unsigned short output_width, unsigned short output_height) Line 22    C++
     rpcs3.exe!rsx::nv3089::image_in(rsx::thread * rsx, unsigned int _reg, unsigned int arg) Line 656    C++
     rpcs3.exe!rsx::thread::on_task() Line 450    C++
     rpcs3.exe!named_thread::start_thread::__l2::<lambda>() Line 2376    C++
     rpcs3.exe!task_stack::task_type<void <lambda>(void) >::invoke() Line 47    C++
     rpcs3.exe!thread_ctrl::start::__l2::<lambda>(void * arg) Line 1918    C++

If one uses a hack on pad_texture then it doesn't crash, playing audio and taking input going ingame but displaying only a white screen.
Shows image.
Moving to intro