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Full Version: Yakuza Kenzan! [BLJM60064]
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Modules and Libraries (4.0 firmware):
libgcm_sys.prx -> cellGcm_Library
libspurs_jq.prx -> cellSpursJq_Library
libsre.prx -> cellSre_Library
libsysutil.prx -> cellSysutil_Library
libsysutil_game.prx -> cellGame_Library

PPU Interpreter (fast),
SPU Interpreter (fast)

No noticeable difference between Vulkan, OpenGL and Null.

Working through the list of LLE's the game requires gives me this log. I'm fairly sure I've done something wrong, as the emulator does not even get to the point of giving me a black screen. I cannot find any other libraries it wants on the pastebin so I assume they are loaded by the game itself.

Edit: As a little addendum, if only libspurs_jq.prx is loaded, then the emulator does return a window. Grey screen for Vulkan/Null, white screen for OpenGL, no sound on either of them, no difference between precise or fast interpreters. The log file obviously then shows a bunch of TODO's which I figured were the other LLEs it wanted, but it seemed interesting to me since more is technically less in this case as it did return a window. Not sure if it's relevant at all but I've also uploaded that log as an attachment.

[Image: 56bf1ad4bf.jpg]
you can't LLE gcm.

You need to LLE libsre too, but i guess is that it still won't work

Quote:·F {rsx::thread} class std::runtime_error thrown: Invalid RSX method 0xe944 (arg=0x0)
Yeah, it doesn't work still. Here's the log when I took that out of the folder (and re-enabled libsre).

[Image: 7e32104243.png]
also i think you can't\shouldn't LLE any sysutil module (didn't noticed that before, its still morning here >.<)
(09-25-2016, 09:10 AM)Nezarn Wrote: [ -> ]also i think you can't\shouldn't LLE any sysutil module (didn't noticed that before, its still morning here >.<)

Entirely correct. And looking at the log you only need libspurs_jq and libsre (both are for Spurs). That said it looks like this game just doesn't work yet. Remember it is basically exception rather than rule that anything runs at all. I would also run with fast PPU interpreter and SPU recompiler.

Looking at screenshots this game seems to have very advanced graphics so I really would not expect this run in any meaningful way for quite some time.
Fair enough, I attached the log with only libspurs and libsre loaded, with fast PPU interpreter and SPU recompiler. Renders a grey screen on null/Vulkan, white on OpenGL. As for it working or not, I wasn't really expecting it to work anyway. It is a "Yakuza" game so like Uncharted, I imagine it really pushes the hardware to the limit, these games were always best-in-class on the system.

It'll be interesting to catalogue the progress of this one I think.
Well, I decided to title this thread like that, even though the game's name isn't exactly "Yakuza Kenzan!". Since it didn't come to west it is "Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan!" or "龍が如く 見参!" if you prefer. (but I also used the word Yakuza in the previous thread I made - Ishin Trial ver. so I didn't want to be inconsistent).

version: 11e2965b, 13493ec0

LLE: sre, spurs

Shows white render window, no fps.
Well, I don't know if the log's changed significantly, but it has been a few months and autolibrary has been implemented for a bit now, so here's another spicy log to chew on.

Still white render window, no FPS. Different core/renderer settings don't seem to matter. Version 0.0.2-5359-726ec274 Alpha.

Hope this helps!