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Full Version: Headcannon Game Engine
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This homebrew was tested with revision 920f5a4. Users can create games using various editors and scripts from the engine. More information about the engine can be found here. The performance of the games made under this engine is very slow on the emulator (1 FPS on Sonic: Project Mettrix) and require very specific settings on OpenGL to even display anything. For example, using the option "Enable saving GE screen to textures instead of memory" will make the emulator display a black screen. The performance doesn't improve by much even if the Maximum Method Size for the Compiler is set to 50. Using the External Software Renderer doesn't help with the performance either. On MegaMan: Triple Threat, nothing is shown after pressing Start on the Title Screen (issue on all renderers). The attached screenshot is what should be displayed on PSP/PPSSPP.

Download Link (Engine): http://www.headcannon.com/HCGE/Builds/HCGEpsp.rar
MegaMan: Triple Threat: http://www.headcannon.com/hchc/MMTT/Files/mmtt.rar
Sonic: Project Mettrix: http://www.headcannon.com/hchc/Mettrix/F...ettrix.rar