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Full Version: Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster [BLES01880]
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Currently only FF X HD goes ingame, you should launch game from ffx_phyreApp.self, or put it as EBOOT.BIN (thanks to ZEROx for info Wink ). Requires libSre LLE'd.

Known issues:
- for some reason game always loads as Japanese version.
- ingame stuck on every dialog, it seems related to specific engine, which game using - a lot of custom .sprx modules, probably it's used as jump/redirect to next cutscene/level. Since rpcs3 currently doesn't work with custom .sprx modules this could be reason, why it's stuck.

With this code it also works on DX12
Added decrypted save in attachments, have fun Tongue
Well using the supplied save and changing a few folder names from US to JP I've managed to get past the freeze at the Jecht sign dialogue and enter the first battle. Let's see how far this can go although my battles are running at 4fps.

Game gets stuck after destroying the reactor in the battle with sinspawn.
Also another note I'm using the online store version [NPUB31247]. Not sure how much difference this will make.
This is my attempt, the best result in wrong hands emulator error . . .
However, after this video on a black screen , I need to savedate ?
Load libraries(LLE modules)
Audio Out:XAudio2
[Image: 5569217015840768.png?k=RvAmaC_f15ANMLdlXw7KkhPJDv0]
[Image: LF33CMJwuy8_NTBIgDyBPOqws4n9rAjziyTFlfle...S7pCw=s288]
[Image: KkEotSIyLWd3_4h7a-ZoCerUGGTCw3eJIy8re9bL...EIzas=s288]
[Image: bkIVpQLLia8BEbEeEI3FiInF3mcmeSQahg8W-FVo...E1MpB=s288]
[Image: 6578100488372224.png?k=LjWmELYsShsu5ELx3BF2JaEgSXE]
savedate can not be read automatically jump back to selection interface
So I update this Video
LL: Liblevel2.sprx

Audio Out:XAudio2

Save game: Not working :C

Log file please
Here Smile, Also I tested Final Fantasy X-2, however it freeze in the first battle :/ but the speed was really good, 30 fps, I will make a video later Smile

Edit: Final Fantasy X2 has perfect graphics in yesterday's build, now, in today's build graphics became corrupt in Vulkan (Still freezig but in a different place)
Solid 30fps, finally without freezing Big Grin

Hi, my screen freezed at Yunalesca boss fight when she was transitting to 2nd phase. Error at my log shows:

F {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x0073c3f4]} MEM: Access violation reading location 0x2ed9b80

Can anyone help?