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Full Version: Colin McRae: DiRT DEMO [NPEB90021]
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Picture appeared quite fast, but waited so long on loading screen, that finally frozen.

LLE modules: spurs and spursjq
Game pass intro video (bink) and goes into some kind of menu. If anybody could tell me what is happening on last screen... game doesnt look like to react on any button. I closed it manually
edit sorry i started game twice. [/align]
who decided to let this Annie moron as a moderator? He acts like a little child
Wrong thread, missing log.
Hope you start posting them right otherwise I'll have to purge your wrong posts.
Thats the most laughable ingame i have evr seen. If anybody would like to play on such tiny screen then voila!

That would be nice to have such big title playable just if any dev could look at why game renders picture in picture.

Annie there is a duplicate thread http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=174399