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Full Version: I need a little help
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Hey guys, i need a little help
My desktop is a win7 64bit, and when i run the 32bit version of JPCSP on it, almost all the games i have here run fine, all but KH BBS, this game crashes the emulator after a bit, also has some graphical bugs
I recorded 2 vids, here they are

I have a second vid but i can only put a vid per post or something like that, i can post it later

When the video ends its when the emulator stoped, after that i tried the 64bit version (the SNV used for both 32 and 64bit was 2394) and in that one, it didnt crash, dunno if it was luck but i managed to pass the part in those vids of mine, still has some graphical bugs and what i wanted in the end is to be able to put the music in the game
I know you guys use Sonic Stage (i think) but that program is only compatible with 32bit PC's am i right? What could i do to put the music on? Is there a way?

Thanks Smile

EDIT: Managed to put music, here on the forum i found a link that instaled sonic stage with no problem, when i tried to do that it always gave me an error and now it finnaly workds! Now guys, do you know how i can speed the game up just a bit? i have 4GB of RAM :/
Did you bother checking the dummies thread? http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=14984

Also, did you check KHBBS main thread? http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread....dom+hearts

It should be noted that the game is currently enlisted as half-playable, so the bugs you experience should come as no surprise, really.
Yeah i saw the dummies one and it helped xD still i dunno if i can up the frame rate a bit :/