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Full Version: eden Homebrew
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black screen

53735 [user_main] WARN  loader - Kernel mode module detected
53736 [user_main] WARN  hle.SysMemUserForUser - malloc cannot allocate partition=2, name='cooleyesBridge', type=PSP_SMEM_Addr, size=0x538, addr=0x08000200, maxFreeMem=0xC600, totalFreeMem=0xCA00
53737 [user_main] WARN  loader - Failed to properly reserve memory consumed by module cooleyesBridge at address 0x08000200, size 0x538: allocated null
53755 [user_main] WARN  hle.SysMemUserForUser - malloc cannot allocate partition=2, name='ThreadMan-Stack-0x33-SceModmgrStart', type=PSP_SMEM_High, size=0x40000, addr=0x00000000, maxFreeMem=0xC600, totalFreeMem=0xCA00
53756 [user_main] ERROR memory - memcpy - Invalid memory address: 0x0003FEE0-0x0003FEF3(length=0x13) PC=0x08804000
04:11:52  INFO hle.ModuleMgrForUser - user_main - sceKernelLoadModule options: mpidText=0x1, mpidData=0x1, flags=0x0, position=0x0, access=0x1, creserved=0x0
The loading of modules in the kernel partition is now allowed in 5c90f1b.
Added new modules and functions required by this homebrew in 34dc015
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