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Full Version: 0.36.9 WIP
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Added static 16-bit palette mode.
That makes a few snk games working now, fully working so far are



Fighting soccer (ftsoccer)

Pause (using P button to pause and unpause) and volume control ( using ~ button ) are available in git now (https://github.com/georgemoralis/arcadeflex036 )
street rumbler (srumbler ) is now working fully with sound in 0.36.9

Added working galivan driver with galivan , dangar , ninjemak games

Added working circus charlie driver

Added working congo driver (partial sound ,misses samples support)

Fixes to dec8 driver. Unfortunately only Shackled and captain silver are working properly (most of the others plays sound too fast...)


implemented mixer_play_sample and mix_sample_8 in mixer

Now crazy climber driver is fully working (crazy climber, crazy kong and few other games)

[attachment=18383] [attachment=18384] [attachment=18385]

[attachment=18386] [attachment=18387] [attachment=18388]
Added Y8950 sound chip support . This made a few more snk games playable

Guerrilla War (gwar)


Psycho Soldier (psychos)


Chopper (chopper)

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