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Full Version: 0.36.8 WIP
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Added Taito 8741 hardware chip emulation.

That is required for gsword and gladiatr drivers

gsword works perfect


glatiatr driver has a bug in nvram emulation (which is disabled) but doesn't affect the general playability

Fixed issues in shaolins driver which is now playable

Added working stfight driver

fixed up jailbreak driver but vlm5030 sound chip doesn't work so no all sound effects are present

Fixed sprites at least in bootleg version of combatschool (combascb) . Partial sound (uPD7759 missing)

Crime Fighters (crimfght) starts to work now , no sound yet

Tried to add simpsons drivers but keeps failing in self boot test Sad

Added pokey sound chip emulation , First game is missile command but it's unplayable due to missing analog controls support

Added atetris driver . There is an issue in nvram support (which is disabled ) but game works without issues and with sound

Added psychic5 driver. Works but seems to that chipping issue exists on the left part of screen

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