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Full Version: PPSSPP frezees my computer (problem FIXED)
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Hi guys. I think if there is someone out there, you will help me.
I'm tired of searching, donwloading, desinstalling, re-installing,, etc.
I have PPSSPP emulator v.0.9.8 and i just have only 1 game that i love very much but i can't play it because the emulator stops, my computer stops and i have to brute force turn off my computer and turn on again.
Then it start to show up AMD warning. I have 2 graphic drivers.

I will say what i have done step by step.

1º install emulator
2º when playing the game and when the icon of loading appears computer tottaly frozen
3º i changed some settings and then the AMD warnings (see image)
4º i have searched on google for help and forums
5º i found similar problems
6º most common problem was the fact of having 2graphics
7º i download some stuff from AMD Radeon Graphics and install, reinstall (i have done installations and reinstallations 9 times already) NO MORE - Back how it was
8º i only have install AMD Catalyst Control Center because i read that you can disable on this one of the graphics or something like that and the emulator will certainly work
9º I can't access the fuck*** Catalyst Control Center because of another warning. Jesus Christ (see image)
10º i have check my BIOS settings thinking that will work but no. I have two options there which i have tried both but no sucess (FIXED graphics or MIXED graphics) smething like that.
11º And now it doesn't open the emulator at all. Because my GPU doesn't support Open GL2.0 (long time ago i have installed some files from NVIDIA. so i could play other games)

I you can help i will thank you so much.

Regards from Portugal
install the newest drivers and get the newest development version of the emulator (from here: http://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html#devbuilds)

If your GPU driver keeps crashing in OpenGL mode try Direct3D mode
Many thanks Bigpet. I haven't been with much time. But the problem was fixed after i installed this:

AMD_Catalyst_Preview_driver_OpenGL_4.2_beta_support_Win7_Vista.exe (you can download it from the AMD website). I think this one have fixed my problem
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