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Full Version: XBox 360 Controller Support?
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Having some problems with getting JPCSP to work with my 360 controller. I go into Options -> Controls and pick "Controller (XBOX 360 for Windows) and when I go to configure the D-Pad to use the 360 D-Pad it either sets them all to POV (what ever that means) or X-Axis for left/right and Y-Axis for up/down, same when trying to set the thumb stick to use the left thumb stick. When I run the game I can't move but on occasion when using the D-Pad or thumb stick. When I switch to keyboard again it works fine. The XBox 360 controller works fine in my other games, like Euro Truck Sim 2, so it couldn't be the controller. Let me see...

Windows 7 x64
JPCSP V0.7 3660 X64
Java 7 Update 51

Can't think of too much else you might need but if you do, let me know, I'll provide it.