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Full Version: I was wondering.....
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do you guys need a copy of Phyre Engine because I found a link (that actually works) no survey and all that shit. here's the thread where I found the link:
Link removed

I hope I don't sound like a total moron or something just thought you guys might need it. I love your work Blush
(09-19-2014, 02:00 PM)AlexAltea Wrote: [ -> ]Piracy is not allowed here. Specially for things like this.

Does the recomplier going to get merged?
but that's a freeware
well according to wikipedia it's a freeware that is free to use which means you can not in any capacity be sued by sony or anybody. i.e: if you buy dark souls a manual comes with it that's a freeware that you can download from namco bandai website and nobody cares about, so it's okay to pirate. you see you bought the game and the manual but the manual is free