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Full Version: No menus visible in MacOS X version!?
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I just downloaded the latest version for MacOS X (10.9.2 installed here) - but after starting it I can only see the "About" menu. First I thought the Java install is missing but after updating to the latest version, there is still only the "About" menu there - no other menu available, no possibility to open a file or set any prefs...
We're in the same boat. I just did a manual bisect search to find the latest version that still worked for Mac. Turns out that it's build 3437, which you can find here:


These are the things from the log of the next build which doesn't work, so it's probably one of these features that broke it for Mac OSX:

Added support for plugins to JPCSP:
- Added custom support for XBRZ4JPCSP by shenweip (https://github.com/shenweip/XBRZ4JPCSP).
- Added new plugins menu.
Avoid crashing when reading invalid icon data in sceUtility.
Improved SAVEDATA DELETE modes.
Changed PARAM.SFO hashing in SAVEDATA.
I stand corrected. 3437 is the last version that would even fully load and display the menu, but it can't even play the included 'pong' demo game. Neither does 3400. Oh well. I guess there is no PSP emu for Mac.