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Full Version: Controller support?
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Hi! I just today installed JPCSP! It took some doing to get the java support programs (that is, to figure out what I needed to do), but now I've got the program up and running! I tried Dissidia as my does-it-work rom. However, I can't seem to get my controller to work.

I've gone into Options > controls > Generic USB Joystick (controller drop down menu) > OK. However this doesn't appear to work. My controller works with my NES emulator and other games, so I know it works in general. Do I need to do anything in particular to get support for my controller going?


- Jpcsp v0.7 "jpcsp-3262-windows-x86" switched to "jpcsp-3262-windows-amd64" and it runs better.
- OS: Windows XP64 bit Pro
- Controller: SteelSeries 3GC
while it probably won't help much with controller issue, your jpcsp version is kind of outdated (nearly a year old).

Hmm, I'll try and update. Maybe it'll help with... other issues that cropped up after posting. And I just grabbed the version available on the website. The link in their downloads section (I believe) took me to the old version. Sad