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Full Version: Mhu Free Store 1.02
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Just testing some homebrew apps with little to no results until I tried this one.

"Mhu Free Store 1.02"

Runs around 50 - 60 fps.


[Image: E78Iu4V.png]

Full Size image here: http://i.imgur.com/QLPcihB.png

Almost feels like you're on a real ps3.

While it doesn't have any use, its nice to try.
(Pretty sure the servers used for this app have already been shut down)

(Also the errors in the console are from pressing on server status)

'Saving' seems to work, as it does remember the theme color you picked after restart.

This is the first "game / app" that runs smooth for me.

'Arkedo - 02' - runs at 5 fps while playing, 24 fps in menus.
'Simple File Manager 0.1' - runs at 4 fps.

So, in comparison this homebrew app runs pretty smooth.
Wow really cool
Nice. For the record, this used to be a "app store" for homebrew and such. But yeah, probably is down now. Here is a download link: http://store.brewology.com/ahomebrew.php?brewid=57

You can mess around and encounter some more unimplemented stuff, the most important thing is probably the on screen keyboard which might be necessary for some games later on. Also, input is completely fucked up, but that is usual.
Nice, let's build yourself PS3 OS in Rpcs3 =)
Bummer. I spent 2 hours mocking up the cellHttp stuff (apparently it's pretty easy to implement for real Smile) but I don't know what format it expects its login response in, and obviously the real server is long gone. The disassembly is an unreadable spaghetti mess but I imagine it uses the URL encoding format for the response as well. Bah, I wanted a cute unofficial rpcs3 repository. Big Grin

I wonder if it segfaults on "Forgot Password" / "Register" because there isn't a username... Someone implement the on-screen keyboard! Big Grin
Onscreen keyboard is propably one of many system functions, and emulator don't have implemented network functions yet.
I'm aware. But even with HTTP support in, it won't work, given there is no operating server for it. Tongue

(Also, I took a look at the OSK stuff -- its strings are encoded in UCS-2, which is annoying and someone should implement it. Big Grin)