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Full Version: A new Ps2 Emulator
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I've found this on github:


It's a working progress Ps2 Emulator!

Somenthing could compile it? I've downloaded this version: http://purei.org/downloads.php
but it's very old! Final fantasy X start but it's very slow!!!
i just want to know what you all think about this new ps2 emulator

Well theres already pcsx2
I think this it is not the right section,
anyway i'had opened a discussion here some days ago:


I'm working to compile something... if there is someone can do more fast than me it will be very appreciate. :-)
Its working but slow very initial state arround 5-30fps .
(04-15-2014 10:36 AM)MaXiMu Wrote: [ -> ]Its working but slow very initial state arround 5-30fps .

Do you have built last revision or do you have used version 0.30? Because 0.30 it's very old...
I'm using 0.30 but just saw the code, you need Visual studios 2013 and some dependences

They use exclusive framework for the GUI and JIT Code for portability .
Not much help changes compatibility with last version but some speed up

Final fantasy X arround 15-30fps .

Some bugs are similars old version of PCSX2
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