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Full Version: tetris
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Tetris by slice4ever. Goes ingame but with broken graphics.
Nice find. The following link shows how it should look when it fully works. There is also a download link, however this particular version doesn't display anything for me, so would you mind uploading your version?

I believe this is the right version since I have more of them. And I only use x64 builds if it matters.

Here is another one. I checked this one too.
Yup, that works.
In-game but no falling puzzles.

Does not work with SPU recompiler, just after" Starting RawSPU..." it throws error "SPURecompilerCore:Big GrinecodeMemory(): ls_addr = 0" and game does not load

Log shows some files not found. At first place, files have "8" at beginning somehow, and if i change files accordingly, game cannot find files anyway.

Log: http://pastebin.com/Sn2n0Jg3

I use this version http://downloads.exophase.com/715/ps3tetris/
Shows puzzles Smile
This simple homebrew played someday a music. But not version i have right now. Maybe other version from different source would play sound.