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Full Version: snes9x
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It display only black screen, checked in 01/23/2014 (it have 8-9 FPS). In pcs3 revision 0938787 it goes on 11-12 FPS.

Dowload: http://www.sendspace.com/file/i02qrm

rev 0938787-http://pastebin.com/5srZQAQ1

[Image: out.php?t=704387_snes9x.png]
Can you post a link to your version of snes9x? Mine only gives a "read: reading from stdout or stderr (fd 1 & 2) not allowed" error and no frame rate. Though this was a rpcs3 bug, but might be a snes9x bug then.
I upload it in main post
Yup, this has a different version number (1.0 vs 44.08), nice find.
Now it stuck at loop NV0039_SET_CONTEXT_DMA_BUFFER_IN: TODO: srcContext=0xfeed0001, dstContext=0xfeed0000
Option write color buffers must be set. This emu is quite fast.
Some pics:
(09-03-2015 10:34 AM)ps0ne Wrote: [ -> ][SNES90000]
Option write color buffers must be set. This emu is quite fast.
Some pics:
Does it load any games?
Well, under the PATH: / line,
should be base directories of ps3: hdd0, usb000, etc, like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrpAVIoqlXw
i think rpcs3 doesnt recognise directories on ps at a few cases. This is one, secode woukld be CDG Player ps3 demo
I workarounded issue and manually set up directory for roms in snes .cfg.

Emu snes loads rom, i hear sound, but see only white screen. RSX debugger has some broken textures.
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