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Full Version: God Eater 2 Prelude Edition - NPJH90342
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This demo was tested with r3423. One annoying problem that occurs in the demo is that there is some lag when the player's character interacts with other people, a Hint appears, and when the Terminal is used. There is also some lag while the player is on a Mission. In cutscenes, there is an equal sign that randomly appears when the resolution is greater than 1x. Players should activate "Disable optimized VertexInfo reading (may improve compatibility)" during cutscenes to block any graphical garbage that may appear. The demo cannot load the first Mission because of some Invalid Memory Address. It is possible for the player to activate Continue (Multi) since one can change the PSP Model to PSP-2000 before starting the demo. The SAVEDATA created by JPCSP (using Crypto) does not work on a real PSP.