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Full Version: Tratax interview (PSEmu Pro Author) (year 2000)
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One more interview i found on my records enjoy Big Grin

Quote:1) We know this question is frequently asked, but please bear with us for the sake of the readers who have not read other interviews. =) Please tell us a little about yourself, how you got into emulation, and your favorite type of pet.

Lets see, I am currently working as a programmer for a company in Holland where I program on internet/database related programs. Because we are using SGI computers at my work I got interested in the MIPS series of processors that power the SGI. Then I started thinking about how this processor could be emulated on the PC.

Around that time, there was a lot of talk about the 'impossible to emulate' Playstation which happened to have the most simple of the MIPS series as a main processor.

Needless to say that I wanted to prove they were wrong .. and we did! Smile

As a programmer .. I like cats. They dont need the attention that a dog needs, and they can sit on your lap during long nights of coding.

2) How did you get involved with Duddie originally?

Around the time I was experimenting with the dynamic recompiler, there was this strange polish guy asking for help with his PSX emulator. As my primary interest was the MIPS processor, and not really the PSX hardware
I decided to mail him and try to help him with his emulator, so I was running test programs and helping with some opcodes. Around that time Duddie was running a very slow interpretive emulation that however WAS capable of running the BIOS image to the magic '0x08003000' shell breakpoint.

So the next 6 months duddie got more and more games to work on PSEmu DOS while I was trying to get my recompiler to the shell breakpoint using PSEmu DOS as a guide.

3) With the addition of the Psyke team, do you expect development of "TAB" or PsEmuPro to speed up considerably?

I had hoped so. Unfortunately Moonshadow and Rasky are very busy with other things, so at the moment we only shared some emulation ideas and the source codes of both emulators.

I hope Moonshadow will be able to complete his fast GTE routines soon, so PSEmu Pro will have a little speed boost.

Christmas is coming which means more spare time to do programming.

4) The speed of your emulator is currently great considering all that must be done, but do you have any tricks up your sleave to dig out another fps or 2?

I am currently working on a complete redesign of the CPU emulation core, and I hope this will give a little more speed. But it is mostly because I want to see how this new recompilation idea works out in practise.

5) What plans do you have for the future of PsEmuPro?

Allow for a MAC port, and possible ports to UNIX, Amiga PPC .. etc. We have to decide on a strategy for that.

6) What are your plans after PsEmuPro reaches a point where you consider it to be finished, and what is that point?

Finished .. finished .. I fear it will never be finished. Well if the emulator doesnt mysteriously crash any more .. I will be satisfied. After that .. well .. lets wait until january for that announcement shall we ?

7) What are your thoughts on the IDSA?

This was bound to happen sooner or later. With ROM piracy gone, I hope the emulation scene will loose the 'warez scene'. For me emulation is the magic of running hardware in software. Its amazing to see software made for an entirely different computer architechture fooled into thinking that it runs on the actual hardware.

8) What do you think of bleem, and do you think it will effect PsEmuPro in any way?

I hope that all that whine about PSEmu Pro not working will simply buy bleem and leave us alone Smile

In a way I feel sad, because PSEmu Pro will no longer be the leading emulator. On the other hand, my goals have already been reached. I showed to myself and to others that my emulation ideas actually WORK. And PSEmu Pro has given me lots of very interesting contacts and opportunities.

9) What is your favorite console system of all time, and what is the emulator(written by a different author) that you use the most?

Hmm .. favorite console system. I only own a Playstation and a N64 console. Playstation is still my favorite although the graphics quality is not that great compared to todays standards.

10) Do you expect emulation to continue forward at its current pace, such as emulating systems that are still in their prime, or do you expect it to slow down?

It will speed up as fast as the PC hardware advances. I am still a bit surprised that there isnt any N64 emulator that can run at least Mario 64. PSX emulation has been here for about a year now ! I dont mean 'run fast', but just .. run.

11) What do you do when you are not coding the emulator?
Well ..
- I have this fulltime job
- spend too much time on IRC
- Visit friends
- Try to get to see every Star Trek Voyager (7of9 rules, and NOT just because of her 'borg implants') though they stopped in season 3 here in Holland (shameless plug: anyone know where I can get episodes from season 5 which arent even sold here in Holland?)

All this manages to eat all of my spare time.

12) Any other comments you would like to be amended to the record?

Well .. I already posted my 'shameless plug' about Voyager Smile.

To all those fans of PSEmu Pro who would really like to help or program their own emulators:

- I didnt do this alone. Without Duddie there would not have been a PSEmu Pro. There WOULD have been a PSEmu DOS 0.9.99 which would be too slow on a P2-333 Wink. Without Kazzuya there would have been a graphics driver without texturing and alpha, and a slow broken GTE.

-Keep in mind I have been programming since I was 8. PSEmu Pro is not my first project

-I have an electronics engineering degree, including lots of courses about computer architechture.

-The hardest part about programming is to keep motivated. Its fun for the first 6 months, then you get tired to program on it over and over again. The trick is .. keep your project simple enough to finish within
that timeframe, or work with a team.

Try starting with programming a relatively simple program like 'pong'. Then try to get your pong as fast as possible. Try a 'tron' clone. If you cant feel the satisfaction of finishing your own program, dont
even try to start on a Playstation emulator since you will only get demotivated and dissappointed.

For these first projects, if you do not have ANY programming experience the language doesnt matter. Afterwards .. try to learn some C and some Assembly to get a feeling for how computers work.

If this all works out .. and you have nothing better to do for about 1,5 years, go ahead ! You might be the one writing up interviews as the 'author of the PSX2 emulator' Smile