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Full Version: Mayhem in Monsterland
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Mayhem in Monsterland
using r 3350
goes ingame but at the danceaway screen it took about 10 minutes to get past because it is supposed to melt away
then ingame the game is running really slow (5-7fps)

This homebrew game was tested with revision 920f5a4. With regards to the emulator, there seems to be an issue where the UMD ISO/CSO Browser can't properly identify homebrew games which require two or more folders (1st Screenshot). The archive for the homebrew game contains the folders "Mayhem" & "Mayhem%" (2nd Screenshot) and the UMD ISO/CSO Browser only recognizes the second folder. In order to load the homebrew, the user must click File -> Load file... (or Alt+O) and click on the "Mayhem" folder.

In terms of performance, the game runs at about 17-19 FPS (using Maximum Method Size of 3000 for the Compiler) inside a stage. However, all the loading screens before entering the game is very slow (about 1-3 FPS). There seems to be some bug which makes the Average FPS jump to at least 600 on the Title Screen before decreasing to lower values (3rd Screenshot). The Pause screen seems to be slow (about 7-9 FPS) due to rendering all the special effects (4th Screenshot).