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Full Version: KH BBS low fps, help requested.
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Hey guys, so basically i'm tryng to play kingdom hearts birth by sleep on a 3326 32 bit Jpcsp emulator. The thng is that the fps is ridculously low (1 to 2) when the cutscenes start, and the ntro vdeo is 25 to 30 (starts at 50 though then just decreases ???).

My laptop specs are here:


AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile technology2 TL-58 (1.9GHz, 1600MHz I/O Bus, L1 Cache 64KB/64KB, L2 Cache 1MB)
Operating System

Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
1.87 GB

Hard Disk Drive

120.0 billion bytes, 9.5mm height, S-ATA, 5400rpm.

Display System

Type: TFT Active Matrix colour LCD display
Size (diagonal): 15.4” Wide XGA TFT with TruBrite™
Native LCD Panel Resolution: 1280x800x16.7 million colours
External Support and Max. Colour Support (dependant
On CRT): Up to 2,048 x 1536 x 16.7 million colours

Graphics Controller

ATI Radeon X1200 up to 319MB available graphics
memory using Hypermemory


ACPI support, PnP support, VESA support,
DPMS support, DDC Support, SM BIOS support, PCI BIOS.

Now my queston is what do i need to do to increase the frame rate???
Add more RAM, get a dedicated graphics card or what?(new computer isnt affordable)
Also if i should add graphcs card, what kind/model should i get?

P.S sorry if these sound like a bunch of stupid qs. im not very computer savvy :p
P.P.S i am very grateful in advance for any form of help that any of you can offer Smile

Oh, i also forgot to mention that the laptop is a Toshiba satellite a210 Tongue
laptops aren't really upgradeable, so i doubt you'll be able to upgrade it without buying a new pc.

below 2 gb of ram is barely enough to run the systems starting from windows xp, so you get a lot of swap file use if you tried any memory intensive programs like java which makes everything slow. you'd need minimum 4 gb of ram to avoid that.

ati radeon graphic cards have horrible opengl drivers, so you'd need a good nvidia geforce. java doesn't use directx, so no matter how good you can run skyrim and the likes, it won't help here. this might be your main problem.

the cpu's not the best either. an intel i3/i5 would be much better, but those are still kinda expensive.