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Full Version: Kosmodrones v1.02
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Kosmodrones v1.02
using r 3291
goes ingame
missing music

19:55:09 WARN hle.sceAudiocodec - user_main - Unimplemented sceAudiocodecReleaseEDRAM workArea=0x08AAE700
19:57:12 WARN hle.sceAudiocodec - Pge_Atrac3 - Unimplemented sceAudiocodecDecode workArea=0x08ABF4C0, codecType=0x1001

using jpcsp revision b735ab6
crashes out the emulator now when it goes to load the first level
here is an info log
    at jpcsp.media.codec.atrac3.Atrac3Decoder.decode(Atrac3Decoder.java:641)
    at jpcsp.HLE.modules.sceAudiocodec.sceAudiocodecDecode(sceAudiocodec.java:217)
This should now be fixed in bb305ed
using jpcsp revision 3eec9a5
goes ingame again and play music now
here is an info log