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Full Version: Proposal for default settings
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Hi Jpcsp community,

I would like to make the following changes in the default settings. This might help non-experienced users to get the "best" configuration settings by default.
Of course, there are always exceptions, depending on hardware or selected application, but this combination seems to me the best try:

Video Options:
- [X] Use vertex cache
- [X] Use shaders
- [X] Enable saving GE screen to Textures instead of Memory
- [X] Enable dynamic shader generation (only relevant when using shaders, recommended for AMD/ATI)

Media Options:
- [X] Use Media Engine
- [X] Decode audio files with SonicStage (must be installed separately and requires Media Engine)

Compiler Option:
- [50] Maximum method size

Crypto Option:
- [X] Extract decrypted EBOOT.BIN files to the TMP folder

Video Resize: 2x

What is your opinion on this change?
It's a good change for the new users,and in my opinion, add this
Memory Option:
-[X] Ignore invalid memory acess (not recommendded for test reports, but improves performance)
It's ok.
Yes,It's a good change .
I think that that remain disable Ignore invalid memory acesss better to report bug.