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Full Version: Banned for spaming ...right..
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[Image: 6hcr.jpg]

I was spamming?
i was trying to post a picture and was clicking "preview" button during editing to see the size of pic in window and suddenly kaboom ban


Thank you.
and goodbye

it was the Akismet system that bannned you
it is not a perfect system
next time pm a mod to lift the ban
simple no big deal
you have been unbanned now
i was banned like 5 times in 2 days by the Akismet system a couple of months ago
meh Undecided
i guess i missed word "automatically"
it was a bit late when it happened ,i didn't meant to be offensive.
anyway thanks for clearing that up
Well you weren't quite offensive,I understand that it's quite nasty that plugin but usually it has to ban spam bots but it seems like sometimes it can't distinguish between spam and people
My account "nevermind1711" was banned by Akismet this morning, and again now after I tried to open a thread about a homebrew game in rpcs3 forum... the same Akismet is impeding me to open the same thread with this new account. This bot is not very smart Undecided
(07-29-2014, 02:07 PM)AlexAltea Wrote: [ -> ]never1711: Wow! It happened 2 times in the same day, I lifted the ban once again. Stupid Akismet.

Yes, thank you again Blush I think I won't open new threads today...Undecided
User account @pal1000 was banned a few days ago. I was trying to add a thread about ProQuake (Quake 1 port for PSP) in EmuNewz Network › PSP Emulation › JPCSP Official Forum › Homebrew Games Discussion › JPCSP - Homebrew - Playable, as a recent change broke it, but I was banned as soon as I post it.

I offered plenty of details about the problem, a link to Quake shareware to get if not having full version, attached a music sample to test with and gave instructions on how to rip the original music when having full version. Because this is a port it needs software parts from the original thing.

I re-posted this issue on Google code and had it fixed there, but @pal1000 account is still banned.
the ban was probably automatic, the spambot-banning script can get overly active sometimes. you'll have to wait for an admin to unban you.

but on another note, you could have a virus or spy/adware, or your password could be cracked on this account. i just removed links to spam/porn websites from your signature.

you might want to run a virus/spyware/adware scan and change your password.
I (notq) was banned again by automatic system for the double posting i guess. Lift this ban pls.