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Full Version: Will my PC run digimon adventure ?
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the title explain all . my hardware info:
OS : Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: inter ® Core ™ i5-3210m @ 2.5 ghz, turbo-boost 3.1 ghz
RAM : 4 gb
Graphic Card : intel hd 4000/ nvidia 630m
First run : having only 5-15 fps. Tried on other games, work great. only this game is <_<
make sure jpcsp is using the nvidia card and not the intel card.
And set Complier -> Maximum method size to 50, it can run more smoothly.
oh thanks! i manage to solve it, after change-ing it to 640 x 480 resolution instead of native. hmm...anywayyy, thanks for your help, you guys! I appreciate all those helps. Thanks bunch, again!