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Full Version: Jpcsp ff Crisis Core Save/Load
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hm, well then check what's your game's id number (while loading the game, the umd browser should show each game's id, the thing that's under the game's title. it has 4 letters, then 5 numbers).

check your game's number, then go to ms0>PSP>SAVEDATA in jpcsp's folder and look for a folder starts with the id in its name. that should be the savefile. if it's not there, then you lost it, if it's there then i dunno why wouldn't it load.
Yep, same ID, both are ULUS10336..

Strange things be happenin'
same problem here. except i downloaded a updated jpcsp build, and moved the crisis core iso and savedata to the the new jpcsp. help would be appreciated very much because im so far into the game already Sad i dont want to restart after all the hard work of sitting down all day making some epic materia and collecting the genji armor..
nvm, i solved it, just had to uncheck the handle savedata in crypto mode
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