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Full Version: x64 Cxbx
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[attachment=13596]It's finally happened. x64 Cxbx goes ingame thanks to SoulSentinel. More on ngemu.
Is that the xbox emulator?

From what I've seen it can reach in game and play a little but the texture of Fry is kinda missing in third person view
Yes, it's patched blueshoguns branch of xbox emulator. Major break was made, but the thing that prevent Futurama ( for now the only game that run in x64 ) from being playable is dsound issue. However, devs consider this not to be a big deal, and should be easily fixable. This, allong with the xqemu progres ( LLE xbox emu that can run bios ) are the major news for xbox emulation in years.
very interesting . once he commit it to svn maybe i will consider adding cxbx in emunewz autobuilds Smile
More screenshots. Now Turok works too. I can't wait for commit.
Here's the commit. Now if you like, please make a build.
sure i will try it Wink